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Engineerin Projects
-Project details: Annual output of 2650 tons of zirconium tetrachloride, 1650 tons of silicon tetrachloride, and 500 ton...
-Project details: The comprehensive utilization project of treating 158,000 tons of chemical fiber industrial by-product...
-Project details: 40,000 tons per year propylene oxide engineering propylene sphere
-Project details: 7,500 tons/year CITMIT series projects and isothiazolinone series products and renovation projects
-Project details: The annual output of  20,000 tons of brake fluid, 95,000 tons of antifreeze fluid and 5,000 tons of so...
-Project details: 450,000 tons/year methacrylate, 60,000 tons/year methacrylate and 80,000 tons/year methacrylate specia...
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In the course of more than 50 years of development, Shenyang Petrochemical Engineering Design Institute Co., Ltd. has won the trust of customers and the respect of partners through continuous innovation and providing value-added services. The company has 308 employees, including more than 10 provincial and municipal experts, 45 professional registered engineers, 106 professor-level engineers and senior engineers, and more than 170 engineers.

Our Superiority:
-Professional Project Team;
-One to One Service;
-Competitively Price and High Efficiency;
-Professional Design Capability;
-Flat Management...
Shenyang Petrochemical Design Institute Co., Ltd.
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